From 2019, Studio RTR has joined in partnership with Toolally Jewellery as a production house for their latest online fashion chat-show 'Toolally Talks'. For this campaign, StudioRTR has created three episodes (Sustainability, Colour and Christmas) as well as videos for their advertising campaign and social media content. In addition to this, StudioRTR has also created videos of the Toolally Studio Space for online release as well. Our overall objective was to create a contemporary collection of video footage to inspire individuals in fashion, sustainability and all things Toolally.

The films had to be chic, work across several content platforms, be accessible, and most importantly, feature an authentic conversation about all things fashion and Toolally.


For preproduction, Studio RTR scheduled multiple meetings with the client to find out the overall objectives for the campaign. This not only established the wants and needs but also to plan the narrative we wanted to show on-screen together.


In total, to begin with, we decided to create three episodes of Toolally Talks for the Toolally Jewellery Brand; one episode discussing fashion and sustainability, another discussing the use of colour in clothing and jewellery and the latest episode, Christmas and fashion. The videos were to be edited into the style of a magazine show that could be broadcast online with the intention of eventually going to television. Each episode is to feature a conversation between, fashionista Helen Wilson, presenter Zilpah Hartley, and Mags Walker, the Founder and Creative Director of Toolally Jewellery.


One of our main objectives during this campaign was to show an accessible and authentic conversation between the hosts whilst they discuss topical issues surrounding the clothing and jewellery industry.  The first three episodes were created with the intention of being around 10 to 15 minutes long, which primarily will be showcased on Youtube and social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Our main focus for these videos was to highlight individual members of the talk-show team and demonstrate the latest Toolally Collections. After having one final meeting to confirm the narrative of all three episodes as well as the video advertisements, we began to start preparing the production schedule.

In total, for production so far, StudioRTR has done three days of filming for the three episodes created, this was to build the narrative of the campaign and collect B-roll. Our main objectives during filming were to not only capture the lively nature of our three wonderful presenters and reoccurring guest John Lewis Personal Stylist, Emily, but also the latest designs in fashion and jewellery.


For the campaign, we crewed multiple camera operators with our EVAs to capture the action from all angles.  

For post-production, the team remained in regular contact with Toolally to maintain that the correct edit and keep everyone involved every step of the way. From all the footage gathered, we created three episodes in total for their 'Toolally Talks' Campaign, with more expected to be created in the New Year . We also filmed other videos for the Toolally brand show in the video showcase above. In addition to this, because of the high-quality cameras StudioRTR use, we also were able to capture stills from our footage to also be used for their social media and website.

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